Architecture Career Program

In United States, 1 schools offer Architecture program. The average annual age after completing Architecture program is $113,823.
Architecture career programs.

What is Architecture Program?

Architecture is A program that prepares individuals for the independent professional practice of architecture and to conduct research in various aspects of the field. Includes instruction in architectural design, history, and theory; building structures and environmental systems; project and site planning; construction; professional responsibilities and standards; and related cultural, social, economic, and environmental issues.

Average Income after Completing Architecture Program

The annual average wage after completing Architecture is $113,823 and hourly $38.86. This statistics is based on the employment and wage data (May 2019) from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Next table shows the possible occupation and job list with average income having Architecture degree/certificate.
Average Income after completing Architecture Program
Occupation/Job TitleHourly WageAnnul Wage
Architectural and Engineering Managers$73.52$152,930
Architecture Teachers, Postsecondary$98,980
Architects, Except Landscape and Naval$43.06$89,560

Trade Schools / Career Colleges Offering Architecture Vocational Program

Las Cruces, NM

Offering 129 programs to 6,454 enrolled students and the its average tuition & fees is $5,880
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