Science Technologies/Technicians and its sub-programs 2022 average tuition, program length, and completion time

Science Technologies/Technicians is a general program that prepares individuals to apply scientific principles and technical skills in support of scientific research and development. Includes instruction in standard laboratory practices and procedures; techniques for analysis, testing and inspection; laboratory instrumentation and equipment operation and maintenance; laboratory and materials handling safety; and computer applications. It has 8 sub-programs and concentrations.
The 2022 average tuition over all sub-program of Science Technologies/Technicians is - and the average program length is 980 contact hours (or credit hours). Next table shows the sub-programs of Science Technologies/Technicianswith average tuition and program information.
Science Technologies/Technicians Vocational Program Tuition by Concentration
ProgramTuition & FeesProgram LengthCompletion Time
Science Technologies/Technicians - 980 contact hours 12.00 months view schools
Industrial Radiologic Technology/Technician - - - view schools
Nuclear/Nuclear Power Technology/Technician - - - view schools
Nuclear and Industrial Radiologic Technologies/Technicians (other) - - - view schools
Chemical Technology/Technician - - - view schools
Chemical Process Technology - - - view schools
Physical Science Technologies/Technicians (other) - - - view schools
Science Technologies/Technicians (other) - - - view schools
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