Arapahoe Community College

Arapahoe Community College is a Public, 4 years school located in Littleton, CO. The 2023 average tuition & fees is $16,542 over its programs in average.
The school mainly focus on BS degree or graduate degrees, but also offer vocational and career programs as well.
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2023 Tuition & Fees, Living Costs

The average undergraduate tuition & fees at Arapahoe Community College is $16,542 for academic year 2022-2023. The amount is the average costs over all degree programs and the vocational program tuition may be lower than the average cost.
Arapahoe Community College offers the alternative tuition plans .
16% of enrolled students have received grants and/or scholarships and the average amount of received financial aid is $6,690 (exclude student loans).
Arapahoe CC 2023 Tuition & Fees, Living Costs
Tuition & Fees$16,542
Average Financial Amount$6,690

Offered Career / Vocational Programs and Completers

Arapahoe Community College offers 18 vocational programs for 1-2 Years Certificate programs. The following table lists number of programs by offered type and online availability along with number of completers.
Last year, 640 students have completed their career programs.
Offered Career Programs at Arapahoe Community College
Award LevelTotal Number of ProgramsAvailable Online ClassNumber of Completers
2 Years Certificate18059

Programs by Award Level

The following table summarizes the number of completers by program and award level.
  • 59 students have earned/completed 1-2 Years Certificate program.
  • 581 students have earned/completed Associate's program.
1-2 Years Certificate Programs and Number of Completers
ProgramAvailable OnlineNumber of CompletersAverage Earning after graduation
Personal and Culinary Services [+] 1 completers-
Engineering Technology [+] 6 completers-
Mechanical Engineering/Mechanical Technology/Technician6-
Work and Family Studies [+] 37 completers-
Child Care Provider/Assistant37-
Legal Studies [+] 15 completers-
Legal Assistant/Paralegal15-
Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies [+] 0 completers-
Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary (CTP) Program0-
Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies (other)0-
Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies [+] 0 completers-
Kinesiology and Exercise Science0-
Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Firefighting [+] 0 completers-
Criminal Justice/Police Science0-
Mechanics and Repairers [+] 0 completers-
Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/Technician0-
Visual and Performing Arts [+] 0 completers-
Graphic Design0-
Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences [+] 0 completers-
Medical Office Management/Administration0-
Medical/Clinical Assistant0$37,300
Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic)0-
Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse0$56,000
Business [+] 0 completers-
Banking and Financial Support Services0-
Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration0-
Retailing and Retail Operations0-
Associate's Programs and Number of Completers
ProgramAvailable OnlineNumber of CompletersAverage Earning after graduation
Communication and Journalism [+] 2 completers-
Computer and Information Sciences [+] 31 completers-
Computer and Information Sciences11-
Computer Programming, Specific Applications2-
Computer Science0-
Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications15-
Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance3-
Personal and Culinary Services [+] 43 completers-
Funeral Service and Mortuary Science43-
Engineering Technology [+] 24 completers-
Architectural Engineering Technology/Technician2-
Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering Technology/Technician0-
Telecommunications Technology/Technician16-
Mechanical Engineering/Mechanical Technology/Technician6-
Work and Family Studies [+] 0 completers-
Child Care Provider/Assistant0-
Legal Studies [+] 0 completers-
Legal Assistant/Paralegal0-
Liberal Arts and Sciences, Humanities [+] (3 completers) 303 completers-
Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies178-
General Studies68-
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities (other)57-
Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies [+] 0 completers-
Health and Physical Education/Fitness0-
Science Technologies/Technicians [+] 2 completers-
Science Technologies/Technicians (other)2-
Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Firefighting [+] 7 completers-
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration7-
Construction Trades [+] 5 completers-
Building/Construction Site Management/Manager5-
Mechanics and Repairers [+] 10 completers-
Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/Technician10-
Visual and Performing Arts [+] 62 completers-
Commercial Photography7-
Interior Design21-
Graphic Design21-
Game and Interactive Media Design10-
Music Technology3-
Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences [+] (1 completers) 71 completers-
Medical Office Management/Administration0-
Health Information/Medical Records Technology/Technician14-
Physical Therapy Technician/Assistant16-
Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic)1-
Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician1-
Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse39-
Business [+] 21 completers-
Business Administration and Management10-
Accounting Technology/Technician and Bookkeeping11-
Banking and Financial Support Services0-
Retailing and Retail Operations0-

Directory and Accreditation Information

Arapahoe Community College is accredited by Higher Learning Commission (1/1/1970 - Current[Estimated Date]).
The following list shows the contact and directory information of Arapahoe Community College.
5900 S. Santa Fe Dr., Littleton, CO

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