Graceland University-Lamoni

Graceland University-Lamoni is a Private, 4 years school located in Lamoni, IA. The 2023 average tuition & fees is $33,220 over its programs in average.
The school mainly focus on BS degree or graduate degrees, but also offer vocational and career programs as well.
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2023 Tuition & Fees, Living Costs

The average undergraduate tuition & fees at Graceland University-Lamoni is $33,220 for academic year 2022-2023. The amount is the average costs over all degree programs and the vocational program tuition may be lower than the average cost.
Graceland University-Lamoni offers the alternative tuition plans .
87% of enrolled students have received grants and/or scholarships and the average amount of received financial aid is $26,181 (exclude student loans).
Graceland University-Lamoni 2023 Tuition & Fees, Living Costs
Tuition & Fees$33,220
Average Financial Amount$26,181

Offered Career / Vocational Programs and Completers

Graceland University-Lamoni offers 2 vocational programs for Less than 1-Year Certificate programs. The following table lists number of programs by offered type and online availability along with number of completers.
Last year, 1 students have completed their career programs.
Offered Career Programs at Graceland University-Lamoni
Award LevelTotal Number of ProgramsAvailable Online ClassNumber of Completers
Less than 1 Year Certificate201

Programs by Award Level

The following table summarizes the number of completers by program and award level.
Less than 1 Year Certificate Programs and Number of Completers
ProgramAvailable OnlineNumber of CompletersAverage Earning after graduation
Business [+] 1 completers-
Business Administration and Management0-
Organizational Leadership1-

Directory and Accreditation Information

Graceland University-Lamoni is accredited by Higher Learning Commission (1/1/1920 - Current[Estimated Date]).
The following list shows the contact and directory information of Graceland University-Lamoni.
1 University Place, Lamoni, IA

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