Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda Career Program

In United States, 2 schools offer Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda program. The 2022 average tuition & fees of the Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda program is $13,375.
Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda career programs.

2022 Average Tuition for Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda Career Programs

Total 2 career colleges offer the Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda programs. We exclude 4-year colleges and community colleges that rarely offer vocational classes. The 2022 average Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda tuition & fees is $12,500. The average contact hour for the programs is 1,000 hours and the average completion time is 10.00 months when a student learns the program as a full-time.
2022 Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda Career Programs
Tuition & Fees$12,500
Books & Supplies Cost$1,500
Length of Program1,000.0 Contact Hours
Completion Time10.00 Months
(40.00 Weeks)

What is Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda Program?

Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda is A program that prepares individuals for the independent professional practice of Ayurveda, a holistic health care system based on the use of dietary, lifestyle, spiritual, pharmacological and physical therapies to remove imbalances and restore health as defined in Vedic and other classical Sanskrit authorities in the Indian tradition. Includes instruction in Sanskrit; history, philosophy, and principles of Ayurveda; Ayurvedic pharmacology; anatomy and physiology; internal medicine; herbology; diagnostic techniques; patient examination and communication; therapeutic modalities; detoxification theory and practice; mind and body behavior modification; Yoga; clinical pediatrics and gynecology; diet therapies; treatment of specific diseases; and professional standards and ethics.

Trade Schools / Career Colleges Offering Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda Vocational Program

Milwaukee, WI

Offering 6 programs to 196 enrolled students and the its average tuition & fees is $20,750
Madison, WI

Offering 6 programs to 85 enrolled students and the its average tuition & fees is $20,750
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