Bartending/Bartender Career Program

In United States, 5 schools offer Bartending/Bartender program. The 2020 average tuition & fees of the Bartending/Bartender program is $4,945. The average annual age after completing Bartending/Bartender program is $48,108.
Bartending/Bartender career programs.

2020 Average Tuition for Bartending/Bartender Career Programs

Total 5 career colleges offer the Bartending/Bartender programs. We exclude 4-year colleges and community colleges that rarely offer vocational classes. The 2020 average Bartending/Bartender tuition & fees is $4,945. The average contact hour for the programs is 162 hours and the average completion time is 5.50 months when a student learns the program as a full-time.
2020 Bartending/Bartender Career Programs
Tuition & Fees$4,945
Books & Supplies Cost$260
Length of Program162.0 Contact Hours
Completion Time5.50 Months
(22.00 Weeks)
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What is Bartending/Bartender Program?

Bartending/Bartender is A program that prepares individuals to professionally prepare mixed alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and related products and manage bars, lounges, and beverage service operations in the hospitality industry. Includes instruction in mixology, oenology, accounting and cash management, inventory and cellar management, bar and lounge management, applicable laws and regulations, customer service, and labor/employment regulations.

Average Income after Completing Bartending/Bartender Program

The annual average wage after completing Bartending/Bartender is $48,108 and hourly $19.25. This statistics is based on the employment and wage data (May 2019) from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Next table shows the possible occupation and job list with average income having Bartending/Bartender degree/certificate.
Average Income after completing Bartending/Bartender Program
Occupation/Job TitleHourly WageAnnul Wage
Postsecondary Teachers, All Other$80,720
Food Scientists and Technologists$36.63$76,190
Food Service Managers$28.76$59,820
Chefs and Head Cooks$27.07$56,310
Cooks, Private Household$21.92$45,600
First-Line Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving Workers$17.77$36,960
Butchers and Meat Cutters$16.35$34,010
Cooks, All Other$15.5$32,240
Slaughterers and Meat Packers$14.23$29,600

Trade Schools / Career Colleges Offering Bartending/Bartender Vocational Program

North Little Rock, AR

Offering 94 programs to 4,810 enrolled students and the its average tuition & fees is $6,900
New Orleans, LA

Offering 2 programs to 268 enrolled students and the its average tuition & fees is $9,950
Albuquerque, NM

Offering 193 programs to 21,398 enrolled students and the its average tuition & fees is $7,540
Guaynabo, PR

Offering 28 programs to 8,295 enrolled students and the its average tuition & fees is $10,490
Caguas, PR

Offering 4 programs to 40 enrolled students and the its average tuition & fees is $10,800
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