Communication and Journalism and its sub-programs 2020 average tuition, program length, and completion time

Communication and Journalism is a structional programs that focus on how messages in various media are produced, used, and interpreted within and across different contexts, channels, and cultures, and that prepare individuals to apply communication knowledge and skills professionally. It has 7 sub-programs and concentrations.
The 2020 average tuition over all sub-program of Communication and Journalism is $14,244 and the average program length is 191 contact hours (or credit hours). Next table shows the sub-programs of Communication and Journalismwith average tuition and program information.
Communication and Journalism Vocational Program Tuition by Concentration
ProgramTuition & FeesProgram LengthCompletion Time
Communication and Journalism $14,244 191 contact hours 8.52 months view schools
Radio and Television $16,392 96 contact hours 8.44 months view schools
Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia $16,662 339 contact hours 10.00 months view schools
Radio, Television, and Digital Communication (other) $12,983 139 contact hours 7.13 months view schools
Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication - - - view schools
Sports Communication - - - view schools
International and Intercultural Communication - - - view schools
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